Previous Lab Members


Yvonne Ou, MD - Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

I am interested in understanding retinal ganglion cell biology in the context of glaucomatous neurodegeneration, with the goal of uncovering novel diagnostics and treatments for early disease.

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Malek Chouchane, Ph.D - Post-doctorate


Kenton Hokanson - Graduate Student


Geetika Kharkwal - Associate Specialist


Karen Chu - Junior Specialist


Jill Dvornik - Research Specialist


Ridwan Yassin Hassen - UCSF Summer Research Training Program 2014


Gemma Rooney, Ph.D. - Post-doctorate


Aditi Narayan - Staff Research Associate II


Sterling Atkins - UCSF Summer Research Training Program 2013


Robert Krencik, Ph.D. - Post-doctorate



Dang Q. Dao, Ph.D. - Post-doctorate


Brooke Babineau, Ph.D. - Post-doctorate